Californee Way

Lil’ California tour.  cool cool


Cool March Stuff

3/1 Skylark Cafe in Seattle, WA
3/4 House Show in Bellingham, WA (debauchery)
3/10 Laughing Horse in Portland
3/21 House Show in Missoula MT
3/22 Something cool in Bozeman, MT
3/28 Kelly’s Olympian in Portland
3/30 Valentine’s in Portland

Fat Cat Demo

Fat Cat Records featured Long Sleeves on their website/soundcloud/facebook etc.  Oh boy!  Also, January EP/Shows to be announced soon.  Sweet.

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some documentation of Sioux Falls existence.

New Stuff

Here’s some new music

Lots more songs on the way and lots more shows to be announced.

Also we have a new drummer named Hayden who’s really good.

Future Stuff

Hey there everybody, what’s goin on?  We’ve got lots of pretty cool stuff coming up including a trip back to our homeland- Bozeman, Montana.  Jay has never been to Montana and Fred and I miss home somethin fierce.  We’re beyond psyched to head back for a week and beyond beyond psyched to play a couple shows while we’re there.  There’s a house show on friday, May 25th (for more info, you can contact us on facebook, we’ll probably get an event page going as the date gets closer) and the next day, saturday May 26h, we’ll be playing a set at the legendary Filling Station.  A long time ago we played a short 3 song set without our equipment but this time, its going to be a proper Sioux Falls show.  Lots of our favorite bands have played the Filler throughout the years and to be playing there on a saturday night is something I’ve wanted to do for a very very long time.  Sadly, the show will be 21+ but fear not, friday’s house show is still fair game for all Sioux Falls listeners not yet of age.  As exciting as this all sounds, Sioux Falls great return home will not be the most important event happening in may.  Oh ya, I’m stoked.

Late May, however exciting, has not yet arrived and we’ve still got lots of stuff coming up in the interim.  Here’s a list of our next few important dates:

April 23rd- My birthday (and therefore the most important day of all)

April 24th at the Ash Street Saloon

April 26th at the World Famous Kenton Club

April 29th at the Rotture

May 2nd at Kelly’s Olympian

May 11th at “The Crib” (house show)

Needless to say, us Sioux Falls’ers are very excited.  Maybe too excited?  Other news: Happy Belated Birthday to official coolest person ever- Ian Mackaye.  I’ve been on a Minor Threat/Fugazi bender lately so his 50th birthday is big news as far as I’m concerned.

So cool

Also, Levon Helm died which sucks hard.  This is one of the greatest songs ever written and anybody who disagrees is a total douche bag.

This band is sooooooo good.  How they’ve been forgotten is beyond me.

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House Show

Wow that was the coolest thing ever.  Seriously though, last night’s house show in Forest Grove tops the list of Sioux Falls greatest shows ever by a huge margin.  Everybody was actually dancing and stuff.  It was crazy.  We got rid of all of our cd’s and had the bestest time in the whole world.  Thank you Geran, we hope to be back soon.  We also played Kelly’s Olympian a few days ago

and while there weren’t too many people there (despite our postering all over Hawthorne), the few who attended seemed to really enjoy themselves.  One guy in particular, Joe, thought we were awesome among other things, a compliment which gave us huge confidence boners and made our night.  Thanks French Love Song Productions for getting us onto that bill.

Anywho, we’ve got tons’o’shows coming up this month, all of which can be viewed in the Calendar section of our website, and then we’re heading to Montana for a week and playing a couple shows there.  We’re stoked to be going back home for a little bit and Jay Jay is stoked to check out this kinda thing

So are we.  Talk to ya soon.

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Weekend Update

Slim’s was ridiculous.  There were sooooo many people there (not because of us but because it was Friday night).  The Blazers were playing on a huge TV above the stage so, to avoid a riot, we waited till the game was over to start the show.  The set went really well and it was probably the first time there was a large enough mass of people to create a “crowd response,” (something altogether foreign to us).  All the cd’s we brought with us we’re passed around and the whole thing felt really good.  We were able to stay for one of the bands (The Betwixties, who were seriously awesome) but sadly, Romulus the Newfoundland, alone on his 1st birthday, needed to pee, so we went home to facilitate his organic waste disposal, missing the last band (The Dirty Words, who I hear are pretty swell).

The second order of business is our Kelly’s Olympian show on April 11th that all of you who live in the Portland Metropolitan Area and are above the age of 21 should attend because its our first headlining show at this particular venue and it would be cool if someone other than the sound guy was in the audience.  Check out the fancy shmancy poster-

So cool.

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News + Photos

The show at Backspace was awesome.  Father Figure was great and we played a super intense set.  We semi-debuted (remember that acoustic show?) some new songs (as well as a medley of our own making) and were actually able to hang out during the other bands sets since the venue is all ages (which made me feel like a big boy).  Tacoma was tons of fun as well.  I cannot stress enough how great of a band Sorta Ultra is.  They covered a Misfits song and blew my mind, in multiple chunks, out of my various orifices.  They’re about to record some of their songs with the Banana Stand so the world will finally be able to listen to Sorta Ultra on its collective ipod.  Here’s some pictures of the show as well as Sioux Falls mascot- Romulus the Newfoundland:

Awesome.  We managed to snag a last minute spot on a bill at Slim’s this friday so you should come.  We’ve also got a bunch of shows coming up in april that can be viewed on our fancy shmancy calendar page.  Talk to ya soon

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Live videos + Backspace + Weekly Volcano Article = This update

Hey guys, here’s some videos from the impromptu acoustic show at Kelly’s the other night.


Also, were playing Backspace tonight which should be pretty cool.  It’s shaping up to be the biggest crowd yet, which isn’t saying much but we’re still psyched.  Also also, we’re playing a show in Tacoma on Saturday and The Weekly Volcano, which apparently has 92,000 readers wrote an article, with an interview, about us.  For one glorious day, said article was the huge, main picture on their homepage.  It was soooooooooo cool.  Seriously, I’ve got such a raging clue right now.  Here’s that article.  Pretty kewl.

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